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A Free & Easy-To-Use PDF Editor

Published: 15.10.2018 | Last update: 15.10.2018

Though PDF documents have been around for quite some time, they’re still in demand by developers, designers, and online professionals.

A PDF comes in handy for many reasons, such as when individuals or businesses want to have shareable, printable, and downloadable documents like contracts, agreements, registrations, orders, payments and more.

But for a long time there’s been a disconnect between taking the information through a form and turning it into a PDF. Traditionally, people have been forced to manually copy and paste data and place it into a document – talk about time not well spent.

JotForm noticed this problem and decided to create a product that automates data collected from online forms and transforms it into polished, professional-looking PDF documents.

Welcome JotForm PDF Editor.

JotForm PDF Editor has disrupted the PDF market by allowing people to take information collected and turn it into great-looking documents.

Turning form responses into PDFs is incredibly easy and can be done in three simple steps.

1) Create an online form


Example of a Classic form.

JotForm is known as the easiest online form builder for a reason – it takes seconds to drag and drop your way into a fully finished online form.

When you create your form, you can choose between two formats, Classic (all questions on one screen) and Cards (one question per screen). After you decide which format you’d like to go with, you can include customization, such as colours and branding, infinite form fields, integrations, such as Trello and Google Sheets, and more.

2) Design Your PDF

JotForm PDF Editor.

Once your form is created and designed to your liking, you can jump over to JotForm PDF Editor and begin creating your PDF. The interface of JotForm PDF Editor mimics JotForm’s online form builder, so it’s easy to navigate. 

With this tool, you can drag-and-drop additional elements into your PDF if you forgot to include them in your form (say a spot for a signature or a space for a colleague or client to leave a comment). You also have the ability to change the colour, font, page orientation, and add a password for extra security. If you find yourself in a pinch, you can also check out this guide on editing PDFs.

3) Distribute

Last but not least, when you’re satisfied with your PDF, distribute it to colleagues, customers, and more! Distributing PDFs is easy and can be done by sharing via email, printing, or downloading it!

Editing a PDF really can be easy. Try out JotForm PDF Editor for free today.

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