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Bootstrapious just turned 1!

Published: 5.3.2016 | Last update: 22.2.2019

Last year, on February 28th, I started this website with a simple aim: to release online the Bootstrap themes I had in my drawer, for free.

It seems incredible to me, but Bootstrapious just turned one, a few days ago. I told myself: wow. It really surprised me a lot that it has been a whole year already.

How was the first year?

So, how was your first year, Bootstrapious?

It was great!

And this is mostly because of you, Bootstrapious users!

I got really many "thank you" and "themes are great" emails. So many it made me build new themes, created primarily to be published on Bootstrapious only.

Spontaneous start, first lessons and first visitors

As I started Bootstrapious really spontaneously, without any big thinking, and I did not have a similar experience with launching a project before, the first bigger lesson I learned is, that when you have brand new domain and project, it takes really time to the search engines to pay attention to you.

In the beginning, you have to rely heavily on social media because you are rather invisible for (and in) the search engines. It took me some 4-6 months to appear on pages 1 or 2 on some of the more competitive terms. (and I have to admit, that for the more generic search terms, I did not make it to page 1 till now).

But still, I did not have many expectations nor did I know what to expect exactly :)

To my pleasant surprise, Bootstrapious is steadily growing month after month. I started with a brand new domain with no history but nowadays Bootstrapious sees almost 1,000 visits daily.

Now it would be the best time to say big thank you to my fellow Bootstrap resources sites - Start Bootstrap and Bootstrap Zero, which brought a great deal of visitors to Bootstrapious too. Thank you, guys! If you do not know them, dear readers, check these sites out for sure - both sites are great sources of Bootstrap knowledge and inspiration.

(on the picture: me trying to appear in Google :) )

Themes, themes, themes

But not to judge by the visits only - the themes had 22.5k downloads in total, which is really great. Bootstrap themes that performed especially well were the more complex ones: Universal - Corporate and e-commerce theme and Obaju E-commerce theme that counted for some 13k downloads combined. The downloads are closely tied to the visits - if there were only 7 downloads per day in March 2015, now there are more than 80 downloads daily and counting!

My initial plan was to release one or two free Bootstrap templates every month but in the end, it was one of the more optimistic visions of mine :) 

I did not really have enough time to publish new themes between May and October so I tried to improve it releasing three new themes at the end of 2015. These were Landing page theme, Hipster e-commerce theme and my personal favourite: Black and white portfolio theme. I hope you like them.

What could you expect next?

In my second year with Bootstrapious, I would like to continue with releasing more free themes. Not a big surprise here :) 

I was thinking about starting already with writing the new themes in Bootstrap 4 to avoid rewriting it to Bootstrap 4 in the nearly future but at the moment I am sticking to Bootstrap 3. I am now working on the Job board template and would like to release some minimalistic e-commerce theme soon too. (Links added after theme's releases :] )

Also, what I wanted to start much earlier with, is releasing premium, but affordable, versions of my themes for Wordpress. What do you think, would you be interested? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you

So this will be it for today!

Happy birthday, Bootstrapious!

If you enjoyed working with my themes, if they saved you some of your precious time, and you would see coming more and more of them, your support will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi, I'm Ondrej, creator of Bootstrapious. I have published Bootstrap tutorials and freebies here since 2015.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ;)

Ondrej, Bootstrapious

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