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Best free tumblr themes

Published: 2.10.2018 | Last update: 2.10.2018

The advent of social media totally changed the way we interact with each other or manifest our feelings. Of course, as you’d know, there are almost 100s of social media platforms and each of them is in competition with the rest. Seeing their fierce competition, it is not wrong to say that the innovation in social media itself is because of this competition. 

One such emerging innovation in the industry is Tumblr. 

Tumblr – What makes it stand out?

Based in New York, Tumblr is a social network, microblog, and everything in between. The developer had an idea of taking a few bits from every social network out there to create a versatile network that could be used by the average Joe. We definitely thank David Karp for this. 
It is this very versatility of Tumblr that makes it stand out from the rest of the social networks – if not beating them. 

Talking of beating or taking the edge, Tumblr is growing fast and this is a fact. According to Statista, the platform has some 162.7bn “cumulative total” of posts. If you think the word cumulative is doing magic here, then here’s another stat. The same source says that the platform ranks 7th worldwide, which ultimately means it gets its deserved share of visitors (some 1,20,000 daily signups on a daily basis). 

But these stats aside, as we said before, the usage and the innovation of the platform makes it stand out. You can post 7 different types of content or posts: Text posts, videos and hyperlinks, photo posts, chat posts, video and audio posts, link posts, and quote posts. 
Now, as you see, the platform gives you wide options of saying what you want in 7 different ways. This is not all, however. When it comes to interacting with other users, you can reblog their posts, like them, or follow them as you like. You can even post to your page via email, SMS, or telephone (in case you want to share an audio message). Add the innumerable ways of customizing your blog through free Tumblr themes to this and what you get is your own microblogging platform, which you can use as if you own it. 

Opening its eyes in 2007, the platform has been allowing its users to use different themes based on their interests. From good to best Tumblr themes, you can have your microblog without spending a dime. 

If you own a business, now you know why Tumblr should make to your list of social media platforms to target for social media marketing campaign. 

Let’s dig in. 

Our collection of the best free Tumblr themes

From our list below, you can choose the theme most suitable for your needs and download it right away. 

1. Indy 

When it comes to choosing the best Tumblr theme, for many bloggers, minimalism is the key. They want to keep everything simple enough to showcase who they are rather than complex outlays that confuses the visitors. Indy is the type of theme that suits this requirement. 

So, if you also want to have some simplicity in your Tumblr profile, download this theme now because less is always better. 

Talking about its specifications, it is easily supported by any type of device from mobile to desktop and contains functions that are adequate for anyone to move around your blog. The design of the theme is also minimalist or simplistic but this does not mean that you cannot have your way. 

You can add a huge backdrop photo showcasing your colours, create posts using the photo sets that come with the theme, and encourage young minds to share your blog with ease on very well-known platforms such as Twitter. 

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2. Basic 

As the name suggests, this free Tumblr theme is yet another minimalist addition to the pool. From the first look of it, you’ll see how literally basic it is. There are no heavy graphics, no complications, just one clean look that is both appealing and entirely sophisticated. 

Pixel perfection is not the only feature of this theme that captures the attention, it has other features also that are necessary for a fully functioning blog. For example, you get online documentation, multi-layered navigation, a plethora of colours, responsiveness, and most importantly, support for each and every type of post we talked about above. 

The specification of this theme should clearly tell you that it is for the users that are just starting out on Tumblr. If you are one of them, you’ll definitely have a very good go and will love its minimalistic versatility. 

And oh, on top of everything, you get free updates. 

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3. Ten Toes

A sleek, customizable Tumblr theme, Ten Toes has literally tons of options that will give you a free hand in customizing everything from colours to tabs, and fonts. As much as its name is funky and attractive, so is its premium looks.  Every image you place in its background or tiles speaks to the attention of the viewers. And when those pictures are of premium quality, the theme simply adds to them by enlarging them in photosets. We are sure you won’t be disappointed with this one. 

Specification-wise, the theme does not offer any further customization. But who needs that when you have tons of options available already? You can perform every action Tumblr allows you from post options to reblogging, liking or sharing other posts. 

In addition to that, the features that make this theme unique are infinite scrolling, Google and Typekit font support, uploading your own logo, and changing colours of possibly every element you find in the theme. 

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4. Sugar 

Sometimes, all you need is a little sugar and Sugar is what you get here. The theme is elegantly put together for your blogging use and is entirely based on Variable Grid Layout – a layout that uses grids to display your images in a seamless way. Your visitors won’t get their eyes off the photos you upload in this free Tumblr theme and this is their promise. 

Feature-wise also, the theme is equipped with more than 120 options for you to choose from. You can tweak its layout, colours, fonts, and everything based on your requirements and your aspirations. 

The usual Tumblr features are available in this theme also, so you don’t have to worry about anything from sharing to customization. More than this, you also get slideshow view, profile cards, pagination format (including infinite scroll, standard menu, and Load More), Google Analytics, Tag links, Disqus comments, and a number of other features. Go on, click on the link to know about them more. 

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5. Void

For anyone who likes to share photo posts more than the other types, this could be the best Tumblr theme for him/her. It has a clean and clear interface not jammed up by unusual stuff. So, you can expect the viewers to look at your photos only and not be distracted by any other form of content.

However, this does not mean that you cannot post anything else. Instead, you can go with the text, audio, quote, and the rest of the options provided by Tumblr. 

One of its most striking specifications is the SEO optimization tools. This is especially true for its newer version where you can have mobile optimization, speed improvement, a wide variety of icons, and a lot of other things that makes a Tumblr template worthwhile. 

Please don’t hesitate in downloading this one now if you’re a fan of faster image loading for the sake of your portfolio. 

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6. Candice 

If we were to rate this free Tumblr theme from 1 to 5, we’d give it 5/5. This is because this theme has everything in store for you. You get beautiful visuals that are retina ready to amaze your viewers. Possibly, this could help even the most mundane post of yours shine brightly. Besides its visual treats, which you get in a fluid single column layout, you get a great number of customization.

Therefore, saying that this theme is all about visuals and customization would not be wrong. In the visuals category, it also displays your texts beautifully so that your options of looking fab are not limited at all. 

The options that you get regarding it are text customization, fonts, gutter options, header/logo placement and layout, and every possible thing related to the text. Aside from this, what you get is Google Analytics for your profile to gather all the attention it deserves. 

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7. Pation 

The name of this theme has been derived from its Latin roots “Pati”, which means patience and passion. The theme exactly has both of these elements. You get a beautifully designed grid layout that changes with every reload, indicating the sense of passion as a work of art. 

Following this line of thought, if you are an art guru and you want to have your portfolio show your passion to the world, then this is the best Tumblr theme you can have. To get the random layout, you only have to select “Random Post Size” and you’re done. 

Besides this, the theme is loaded with 45+ font styles, 3 hover styles, and for easy interaction with the rest of the social media, you get social links as many as 10. You can even customize all the sizes of your posts, and popout submit box.

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8. Ashley

Ashley is a free Tumblr theme for writers of all sort. It has the features to let your readers read without hunching over. The theme is responsive in this sense and there is no clutter to be confused about. And to talk about the options related to text blogs, this theme has more than you can think of. As it’s page says, it’s readable, customizable, minimal, and responsive. What else could you want writers?

Talking about a bit of technicality, you can install both Google Web Fonts and Typekit in your blog quite easily. The process is stated on its page and thus, you should not have any problems with it.

This theme also has a fluid response on the homepage where you get all the posts aligned in a single interface. A little snippet of every post is displayed and this could mean your readers would get literally lost in your posts – something that you want. 

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9. Travel Pro 

As the name indicates, this could be the best Tumblr theme for travellers, visual journal makers, and photographers. Its main emphasis is on the visual aspect of your content, so you should be happy about its performance in bringing out the hard work in your pictures.

It has a full slider to display your images to their full extent. In this slider, you can also share quotes that speak to your heart. If you are a traveller, then you should not worry about letting your viewers and readers know where you’ve been. This is because this theme gives you a “places” menu where you can tag the place you’ve been to.

In addition to this, you get social media integration, a full colour and font customization, widgets for social media, comments section, logo addition, and a plethora of other options you require. 

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10. Copycat 

Not the usual meaning you think about, but a theme that speaks of creativity. You can simply have your way with this theme and this is its promise. Get the most out of your portfolio and let the world see your inner artist.

This theme has loads of customizations in store for you and you can definitely use them with the ease you’ve been thinking about. Whether it is colours, options relating title, text, description, scrolling, and what not, you get every option at your disposal. So, get wild and know that you’ll be fine. 

If you are worried about copyright infringement, you get an option in this theme that lets you set up your own copyright text. This is usually shown in the sidebar of your content to make sure no one thinks about stealing your work. 

There’s also another option that lets you have the first photo of your photoset as the background of the index page. If you want to use this option, just click on “Photoset Only First” option.

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11. Telpher

We’ve so far talked about a lot of free Tumblr themes for photo blogs. Telpher, as opposed to them, is versatile. It can be used for a variety of post options and you can definitely not worry about anything. When you have something in mind and you want to share that with the world, this theme can help you do that. 

Thanks to its customization options, you can tweak your sidebar, edit and include some elements while deleting others and be on your way towards perfection. Aside from this, you also get SEO customization through Google Analytics and have social media integration made easy for you. Of course, you’d want other bloggers and users comment on your blog and for that, this theme comes loaded with Disqus comment section.

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12. Verbage

Yet another best Tumblr theme for serious writers that is as fun as it sounds. Derived from the love for reading and writing, this theme has its focus mainly on the presentation of the information on the index page and the permapage. You can definitely have your written information displayed such that the eyes of the readers only meet the fonts. 

Talking about fonts, you get a variety of them loaded in the theme. This way, you choose to represent your writing as you think about it. 

Besides this, you get infinite scrolling, colours of every variety, Google Analytics, Fonts, Tooltips (necessary for you to understand tools), Push Menu, text highlighter, and LaTeX math (in case you want to write math equations).

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13. Oscar 

We’ll add another free Tumblr theme to the pool of writing themes. You can easily use this one if you want to increase your following as a freelance writer. This could also serve as your window to get more work from clients. We are saying this because this theme comes loaded with SEO customization and management necessary to rank on Google’s front page. 

Besides this, you get the usual stuff such as Google Fonts, social icons, and everything related to make your work a piece of art. Add the special text visualization to this and what you get is a theme just for your talent. 

The pages of this theme are increasingly responsive so that you stop worrying about your readers get to the point. What else could you need as a writer?

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14. Glossy Mag

A truly best all-in-one Tumblr theme, Glossy Mag is there to let you create a magazine of your own. Have your updates reach to the audience with spicy posts of all kind. That includes video, audio, quotes, chats, pictures, and text posts.
The layout of the theme is very friendly and you get a variety of options letting you customize or renew it. What you can expect are high-resolution photosets, social media feeds, lightbox, logo inclusion, your own page counter, Google Analytics, and a plethora of options to customize your screen and layout.

So, if you really want your posts to outshine other bloggers, have this theme now in your arsenal. Besides, why pay for other themes when you can have all the premium options at your fingertips for free.

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15. Susan 

If you’re running a photo blog, then you must have a free Tumblr theme that focuses on your photo content and makes efforts to make them come out beautifully. Susan is the one we are talking about. 

It is an entirely responsive theme made simple for your visitors to spot your content and for you to customize everything around and optimize it for the betterment of your photo blog. 

What you get are features like Google Analytics, logo integration, infinite scrolling, 8 fonts, sharing buttons, CSS integration, and a support for all post types. You can view all the other options by clicking on the options. 

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16. Orange Pop 

Just as the name is funny and alluring, so is the theme itself. It has a refreshing orange colour, but you can change it at your will without diving in much complexity. There are multiple options for that, for your information. 

Moreover, all the other features such as Disqus integration, and social integration is the mettle of this theme. 

Orange Pop is simple and attractive as you can see it. This is also true for the display of your content on the index page. Your main content is displayed in the middle while your twitter handle and About Me section lies right to its right side. 

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17. Alumia 

If the grid theme is all you want, then you can definitely go for this free Tumblr theme. It has 2-4 columns that are presented in a seamless layout very perfect for your portfolio to be presented to the world. Don’t worry about its responsiveness or anything and be happy that you’re getting a theme like this for free. 

Specification-wise, you get around 20 fonts, photo hover style, and 60 other options for a complete package suited to the needs of every portfolio out there. Aside from this, what’s convenient about this theme is its left-hand sidebar with options for messaging and other important things.

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So, there you go. 17 free/best Tumblr themes for your Tumblr page. Feel free to download them and let your inner artist shine out at his best. However, if you’d even like to explore more, there are plenty of other themes out there available for free. Remember to go wild and versatile as the platform itself.   

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