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List of 41 Beautiful & Free Icon Fonts

You have probably already used some icon fonts on one of your websites. But did you know there are so many beautiful free icon fonts that you could use? This is probably the most comprehensive list of icon fonts on the planet.  And whether you are a developer, designer or web…

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Best Bootstrap Plugins in 2017

Bootstrap itself is full of useful Javascript components that cover many use cases - be it modal window e.g. for user login, carousel for your homepage, alert messages to show an important message to the visitor. But sometimes you need more than that, lightbox for your photos, markdown text…

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Bootstrap vs. Foundation

If you have recently decided to start with one of the CSS frameworks you are probably choosing between the of the main players in this area - Bootstrap and Foundation. I am a big fan of the Bootstrap environment but Foundation has its advantages, that is for sure. To help you at least a bit…

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