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Ondrej, Bootstrapious


My name is Ondrej and I am a web developer based in Ostrava, Czech republic.

I started Bootstrapious as a small side project at the beginning of 2015

I started this website with a simple aim: to release Bootstrap templates I had in my drawer, for free. After some time, I started to get quite many "Thank you" emails, in fact so many that it made me build new templates, created primarily to be published on Bootstrapious only.

This also quite naturally lead to Bootstrapious tutorials and I can say that this is how Bootstrapious generally looks like today.

You will find here a collection of exclusive Bootstrap templates and insightful Bootstrap tutorials, along with articles about latest design trends or tools.

As Bootstrapious is still a hobby project only, I would be grateful if you could check out my Patreon page or support Bootstrapious by buying a non-attribution license for my templates. Your contributions help me a lot to get Bootstrapious a bit further on our journey.

Have a great day,

thanks for reading :)


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